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Resource consents were granted by Greater Wellington Regional Council (“GWRC”) and Kapiti Coast District Council (“KCDC”) for the operation of a gravel quarry at 61-67 Te Roto Road, Otaki (“Ashford Park Quarry”).

The consented activity involves the extraction of 90,000 bulk cubic meters of gravel per year from the Ashford Park Quarry over a 15 – 20 year period. The gravel will be transported to Winstone’s current processing plant on its adjoining Otaki site using only internal roads.

The specific consents granted were as follows:

  1. On 11 December 2015 by GWRC authorising:

    1. Construction of a bore at 61-67 Te Roto Road, Otaki (“Ashford Park”), being extraction of gravel which will form a lake once groundwater is intercepted (GWRC Land Use Consent WGN160103 [33757]); and

    2. Discharge of sediment at Ashford Park in stormwater runoff to the formed waterbody, created by the gravel extraction activities (GWRC Discharge Permit WGN160103 [33758]).

  2. On 24 March 2016 by KCDC authorising Winstone to establish a gravel quarry and undertake associated earthworks at Ashford Park, with transportation to and processing of the extracted material at Otaki Quarry (KCDC Land Use Consent RM150184).